What is IELTS EXam ?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. For those are Non- Native English Speakers. The main purpose of this to find what level of current English. You have to take test of IELTS if you are going to apply for a Study or Job In a college or University. Two types of Module for IELTS test, Academic & General module for Immigrants. In IELTS Test there are following four Test.

Listening Test
Reading Test
Speaking Test
Writing Test

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IELTS Test Format

In Test Format there are Four Papers: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. In Listening 40questions approximately 30minutes, Reading 40 Question of 60Minutes Paper, Writing 60 Minutes 2 tasks, Speaking 3 parts and 15 Minutes approximately. Reading:- This test may be from books, newspapers, magazines and other online recourses. For all general interest to students undergraduate and postgraduate level. Test style may be vary in various styles, E.g. Narrative, descriptive or argumentative. It also contain Pictures and graphs. You will need to write your answers to sheet. Detail:- Total Exam Time: 60 Minutes, Number of Parts- 3, Total Questions- 40, Marks: 1 mark Each

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